Interview with Tanzanian Songstress Lady Jaydee aka Binti Machozi.

We recently caught up with Tanzanian Afropop singer Judith Daines Wambura Mbibo also known as Lady Jaydee or Binti Machozi for a little a chit chat interview. Lady Jaydee who released her first album in 2000 was voted as Best Tanzanian Female R&B Artist in 2002, performed at the Kora All Africa Designers Competition, and was awarded "Best R&B Album" at the Tanzania Music Awards in 2004. She also took home an award for "best female video for South Africa in 2005. Below is our full interview with the fabulous songstress.

FJ: So tell us, when did you know you wanted to become a musician ? Do you have a musical back ground?

LJ: I dont remember exactly when I wanted to become a musician but I started singing in a church choir when I was very young at age of 7 and never stoped since then

FJ: How does it feel to be named the first Tanzanian female artist to sing R&B Swahili?

LJ: It feels good always when people recognize and appreciate what you do especially when you are selected among the best talents the country produces.

FJ: How is the music mood in Tanzania right now especially in regards to "Kizazi Kipya" music?

LJ: Bongo Flava Music has grown so big and fast in a matter of a short period of time.All Radio and TV stations play more Bongo flavor music compared to ten years ago. However, We also have a much bigger problem internationalizing our music and our music industry because we don't have sophisticated and modern musical equipments or system that make music more interesting and lovable. Consequently, we can not make any meaningful financial gains from our music.

FJ: Who are some of your biggest inspirations as an artist?

LJ: I have been inspired by artists particularly Whitney Houston of the USA and Vyonne Chaka Chaka of South Africa, I play and listen to their music ritually. I love and admire their powerfull vocal performances, and you know I practiced and taught myself to become the best vocalist by singing their songs all the times.

FJ: You have won multiple awards and have been nominated several times(3 for Kora Awards). Tell us a little bit about your first win. What was running through your mind when your name was announced as winner?

LJ: It's always a good feeling when you receive recognition as an award winner and for me every award I get is like winning for the first time. It does not matter how many times I win. So I felt good for the first time and I will always feel good the next around if I win an award or anything else big.

FJ: You have worked with a lot of Tanzanian artists and numerous other artists from other African countries. Is there anybody in particular you would like to work with in the near future?

LJ: I am dying to do a song with Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. I pray and hope my wish comes through one of these days.

FJ: You know Fashionjunkii is all about Fashion, so we would like to know how do you pick your outfits? Do you have a personal stylist? who does your make up?

LJ: I have someone who does my make-up and hair, he's a guy called Marcell. But for the outfits, I dont have anyone to take care of that department. So I always chose what to wear for myself every time I have a performance or an event to attend.

FJ: What or who is your style inspiration? Where do you like to shop in Dar ?

LJ:I dont have a specific place in Dar, I usually buy my clothes from different shops.

Lady Jayedee with Leona Lewis

FJ: I remember seeing pictures of your closet on your blog and I loved the whole arrangement so this begs the question, who organizes your closet? and do you have a special area for each and everything?

LJ: I organise everything for myself and yes I have special area for each and everything

FJ: I understand singing isn't your only talent. Friends have been telling me that you a master in the kitchen. What are your favorite meals to cook?

LJ: My favorite meals to cook are any of Swahili food, Ugali, Mboga mboga and fish

FJ: How often do you get the chance to cook and where did you learn to cook?

LJ: I only cook when I have time on week days and only when I don't have a tight schedule of more than 4 shows a week, otherwise, I spend most of my time sleeping. But, I learned cooking from my mother

FJ: I am aware of your blog, ladyjaydee.blogspot.com. I read it everyday. I love when you ask your fans to help pick outfits for your stage performances. What is it like to be able to interact with your fans almost directly?

LJ: Its not very easy talking to people through my blog, because there are some people who are not my real fans, and even if they are, they just hate to be fans. Sometimes they ask some stupid questions just to annoy, harass and frustrate you. But all in all, they keep on visiting and that is the most important thing.

FJ: As a renowned artist I'm sure you have a very busy schedule so do you ever get a chance to go on vacation? If so, where are your favourite places to visit?

LJ: My husband and I have decided to go on vacations at least once yearly. I love travelling all around the world and so it depends on where both of us decide to go. I would love to travel to all major cities in the world if God allows us. This year 2010 we have plans to visit Jerusalem (not confirmed though)

FJ: When your not singing or cooking, what do you do for fun?

LJ: I love Soccer so most of my free time I hang out with the boys watching football.

FJ: How does it feel to share the stage with other renowed musicians(e.g when in London for Nelson Mandela's Birthday celebration).

LJ: Hey, I didnt perform for Nelson Mandela's bday celebration because something went wrong. However I have shared stages with different big artists such as Yossour N'Dour, Angelique Kidjo, Vyonne ChakaChaka, Brenda Fassie, Oliver Mtukudzi, Sean Paul, e.t.c)

FJ: When writing songs, where do you draw inspiration from?

LJ: Most of my songs are based on life situations and experiences. Some are also based on true stories about events and people and others are fictional.

FJ: Which song/songs from your albums would you say are your favorite of all time?

LJ: Tough question" I love all my songs and I hate to say it, all are my favorite.

FJ: Do you have any advice for up and coming artists especially girls?

LJ: They should believe in themselves as well as their talents. Also they should not let anybody tell them what they can or can not do or achieve in life. We need more young women in Tanzania music industry.

FJ: Should we be expecting new music from you any time soon??

LJ: I have been writing and recording new songs and keep them. I will release them when the time is right. For now I am working on a band album.

FJ: Any last words for your fans?

LJ: I love them same way as they love me and everyday I think of what to give them back. I am always worried about any disappointment and so I strive to do the best and to live up to the expectation. My fans are my larger family and part of my life.

FJ: Thank you so much Lady Jaydee.

LJ: My pleasure

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